Privacy Policy
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Working through the business plan of a company is required before using the products and services. The clear and precise business strategy of a company offers an idea of a client-service arrangement that would mitigate any unavoidable and needless discrepancy. Your relationship with us is of the most considerable interest and allows you to use our website according to usage guidelines. You will learn how to share your information safely, in compliance with our guidelines and privacy policy. These guidelines will also enable you to understand your duties as a member of our website. You are allowed to follow our Privacy Policy on having a peek in it. If you don’t agree with any of the issues mentioned below, you should stop use of our website immediately. Otherwise, the use of our website would be seen as subscribing to our privacy policy.

How collects and uses personal data?

Customer information and awareness are essential elements that we process and aggregate on our website to provide better products and services. We promise to protect your information in compliance with our Privacy Policy. We put restrictions on access to your data to allow better use of your data and to keep it private. Therefore we only deployed qualified personnel to access and process your data. Any form of violation of your data by such workers invites disciplinary action. We collect your personal details when you visit our website and provide basic information such as name, birth date, sex, etc. Your details will also be selected when you register as a user on our website. We also collect technical details of your computer while you access our website.

How do we apply your personal information?

We use your contact details when we want to update you with more promotions and offers. We send messages to keep you notified about the offerings. Your data work as feedback that we use to develop new functionality for our products and services. Such practices allow us to customize our goods to you, too. We are obliged not to reveal your information to any third party, but in the event when any law enforcement agency monitors us, we need to give them your details.

Alteration in Privacy Policy:

In needful circumstances, we amend the Privacy Policy as per market demand and requirement. And the shift or transition occurs without prior notice. You are also helped by going through them before you use our website to keep updated with our policies. We will be held liable for no default at your end.

How we handle cookies?

Cookies are used to help our customers navigate our website faster. You can transfer cookies to your computer when you register on our website and exploit many key features. A cookie is a collection of data sent from the website, which is stored in the memory of your computer, i.e. the hard disk.

Security Measures:

Information about you that we collect is stored on restricted-access servers. We respect the rules and guidelines for storing and safeguarding your personal data on those servers.

A shift in Price depends on Demand and Supply:

The cost of our services or goods is mainly focused on market trends. You may be expected to pay more or less than the sum specified on the website.

How we manage Intellectual Property:

There are many intellectual properties on our website that include quality pictures, logos, icons etc. It is recommended that no user can use such assets for personal or commercial purposes. Any abuse of these assets will incur liability and compensation against our ill-reputation.