Terms of Service
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Every company concern must represent its terms and conditions to retain fairness in its dealings with its customers. We, as a travel company, advise our each and every single customer to go through our terms and conditions to understand how we function in the travel industry. We have tried to keep our terms and conditions lucid and transparent while producing them to you to avoid any potential discrepancies. We would also like to reassure you that the information referred to below is correct and in line with company guidelines. Before buying any product or service from our website or from us, it is best to read all the words.

Agreement with Terms and Conditions:

Accordance with our terms and conditions, before using or buying our service, you must agree to the terms of use of the website. Your agreement to our terms and conditions demonstrates that you are abiding by our trade arrangements and consider the equitable policies of the company. You shall refrain from using our website if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions. You can also use the website as a clear indication of your conformity with the terms.

Alteration in Terms and Conditions:

We need to keep on altering the terms from time to time because of the volatile travel industry, and we do so without sending any advance notice to our customers. You will also be required to take responsibility for keeping our website’s terms and conditions updated before you use it. And if you wish to use our website to buy our products, we believe you have learned thoroughly before using the modified terms. We will not be kept responsible for any unexpected situations or contradictions that might occur in future due to speculation.

Third-Party Referrals:

On our website, you may find several links which are deemed as third-party websites and used for reference purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility for any connection with these links and support any dealings with their products. Therefore, you are advised to go through their terms and conditions if you visit these web links and intend to buy their products.

Usage and Re-usage of Website Content:

The content of our website is meant for illustrative purposes to enhance user experience. And no content can be used by any of the consumers for any business purpose. The exclusive right of our internal business team to copy, print, distribute, alter or recreate content on our website. If the website’s content is found to be misused, we are obligated to take stern action against it.

General Instructions:

Our terms and conditions are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and the Federal Mediation Regulations. State legislation applies to the billing address for reservations made by U.S. residents in the U.S. and its territories. And if you disagree with any of the regulations mentioned above, you can stop using our website.